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World Peace Tracts

On the Frontlines of Peace Since 2007.

World Peace Tracts is a Diplomatic Peace NGO with over 700 World Peace Ambassadors Worldwide who are a Force & Voice for Peace.

Our Mission is to Ease tensions, Release captives & end the sufferings of war & conflict with greater Understanding via diplomacy. Words have the power to end wars, free captives and bring hope.



War, Misery and Conflict everywhere, and now with the war in Ukraine the world is at a nuclear hair trigger and the population of the world is apprehensive and seeks a solution to the madness.



Annual World Peace Extravaganza. People have lost faith in their leaders to solve the problem. We can by gathering together the Celebrity Influencers for a Peace Benefit Show that will put pressure on world leaders to end the conflicts and raise funds and awareness for World Peace.  


We host an annual World Peace Benefit Show, TELEVISION EVENT BROADCAST TO THE WORLD, that will be billed as “The Greatest Show on Earth” with only top celebrates in every category, performing in a 2 day variety show special. This will be akin to the Olympics of Entertainment and will feature the host countries tourist attractions, culture cuisine and entertainment.





The largest growing market in technology and development, India is a powerhouse in industry culture and history and are a peace loving people who are proud of their culture and  Bollywood celebrities.



As a leader in the world state of economic development, Dubai and all of the Emirates have much to share with the Middle East Arab culture and the World.



The UK has a world footprint and will be the voice of Peace for the English market in Europe.


World Peace Extravaganza

An international star studded celebrity show that showcases the countries talents, culture, tourist attractions and cuisine. This event will be an annual event that will build in popularity and showcase multiple nations simultaneously in an World Peace International Gala that will be akin to the Olympic of Entertainment.



There are many ways for us to make money for investors and raise money for the cause of World Peace.


Worldwide PAY PER VIEW


Opportunities for major brands to license merchandise


Coca Cola and other major international brands.


Ticket sales to the multi-stage events

TV Broadcast

We share ad revenues with broadcast television market


New songs and content copyrights for replay

Fame & Power

Many more benefits than just direct profits.

Human Benefit

All direct donation go to the cause of Peace and Ocean Protection

Celebrity Power

Be known and have influence with Top Celebrities for other business opportunities


Host country and other sponsors

Political Power

This investment will have you next to the world leaders of these host nations who will want to be on the stage to be seen.

Tour Partners

We will partner with local operators

Cross Business

This will open up the top business connection in the nation, as Fame, Power and Celebrities are a draw to any investor.

Our Plan

To host a star studded long format 2- 3 day television event

It will be an annual Labor Day Extravaganza with all star cast and star MC Master of Ceremonies, every year. This will become an international event that will be anticipated by the country and dominate all national and regional television markets and world wide Pay-per-view. UAE will represent the Middle east Arab market. India will represent the whole of India culture and languages in Asia. Uk will dominate the European English language.

How We Succeed

We will be able to get all of the top name celebrities with our formula. First we invite all of the “retired celebrities” they can not get jobs and are hungry to come in front of the camera again. Then we invite the “upcoming “ celebrities, they will all want to be seen with the older well known celebrities and be part of a world show. Once we have big names in those two categories, the top stars of the country will all rush in, as they will not want to be left out of the show. All of the celebrities benefit as they are given a world platform and seen as helping world peace which is good for their image and future job prospects.